Minsoft software system features

  • High quality large format sample and diamond drillhole drafting.
  • 3 dimensional interactive graphics, viewing and modelling system.
  • Geostatistical orebody modelling.
  • State of the art pit optimisation and NPV scheduling.
  • Resource and reserve reporting.
  • Interactive graphics blast design system.
  • Modules encompassed in a menu system, database system, 3D interactive graphics module and interactive function builder.
  • Online software support system.
  • Consulting service for capital and operating cost estimation (required for pit profit - cash flow optimisation and design).
  • Extensive experience of specialisation in resource modelling and open pit optimisation.
  • Minsoft features an Interbase SQL Client/Server database built into the system, just open a file
  • with the file editor and start inputing data, the files of which are used throughout the system.
  • Specifications

    The Minsoft software system provides everything required to design an open pit mining operation, including the most advanced geostatistical and pit optimisation technologies in use today.

    Database Management

    • Separate logins for individuals own set of defaults.
    • Full Interbase database incorporated integrally into system.
    • Creation of databases for individual projects.
    • File editor with easy to use Windows style buttons and drop down menus.
    • Easy file handling with 14 file types. Input, display and plotting of geological data has never been easier.
     File Types
     Drillhole collars.
     Drillhole downhole surveys.
     Drillhole from to file.
     Assay field definitions file.
     Drillhole samples.
     Drillhole lithology file.
     Drillhole desurveyed file.
     Drillhole composites file.
     Block model file.
     Wireframe points.
     Wireframe triangles.
     Plot file.
    • To set up a database all that is required is input of the field types such as Cu and Au etc. up to 50 different fields types, then enter geological sampling of trenches, channels, chips, drillholes etc. which can be directly plotted, or used in modelling.
    3D graphics module
    • Easy to use fully featured 3D CAD design environment.
    • 3D window for viewing of data.
    • String viewing and editing.
    • Wireframe viewing and slicing.
    • Block model viewing.
    • Open pit design features including toe, crest and haul road creation.
    • DTM creation.
    • Volume calculation.
    • Grade control and survey features coming soon.
    • Creation of plots of onscreen data.
    Geostatistics module
    • Statistics and variography.
          Data declustering.
          General statistics.
          Distribution plots.
          Cumulative distribution plots.
          Log distribution plots.
          Log probability plots.
          Mean percentage difference plots.
          Scatter plots.
          Variogram plots.
          Log variogram plots.
          Variogram range contour plots.
    • Topcut calculation.
    • Creation of block model from orebody and geological units wireframes.
    • Modelling.
          Polygonal modelling.
          Inverse distance modelling.
          Lognormal Kriging.
          Disjunctive Kriging.
          Indicator Kriging.
          Multiple Indicator Kriging.
    Pit optimisation
    • State of the art pit optimisation.
    • Minsoft uses a state of the art highly efficient and accurate pit optimisation algorithm and linear programming scheduling algorithm to provide the most financially optimal pit design maximising total profit, both NCF (Net Cash Flow) and NPV (Net Present Value).
    • Creation of block model from surface topography and orebody wireframes.
    • Easy input of pit slopes, mining, mill, processing costs and smelter terms.
    • Fully automatically schedule an open pit to maximize NPV.(See customer service FAQ on a description of maximizing NPV.)
    • Generate quality plan and section plots of geological sampling data, drillholes, geological data, strings, wireframes and block models sizes A4 to A0.
    • Contouring.