Why us?

Minsoft Software was formed in 1997 with a recognised need for highly specialised expertise for the development of resource modelling and optimal open pit design software. During the ten years prior to formation of Minsoft, the efficient and correct implimentation of geostatistical and economic theories in resource modelling and pit optimisation was witnessed leading to the conclusion that highly dedicated and specialised expertise would benefit these fields to deliver accurate and timely results. Answers are often required on the short term for grass roots projects, where ongoing exploration requirements need to be met, and for existing operations where a reviewed design is required to keep profitable production online to prevent mine closure where there has been a change of geological and/or economic circumstances since previous designs. Although working for ten years in these fields of endeavour Minsoft has since exhaustively reanalysed the application of geostatistics and economic theories applied to pit optimisation with a full understanding of these processes, including cutoff grade calculation, economic ore valuation and Net Present Value optimisation, to provide you with a pit that gaurantees you the absolute maximum possible profit for your given ore resource.

In acheiving this aim, despite the high level of expertise in current mining softwares, Minsoft recognised the need for an easier to use software, which operates in a more streamlined and efficient manner, but still incorporates the most advanced geostatistical and pit optimisation techniques and theories available today. This was done by developing a single point and click software which incorporates database, advanced geostatistical and pit optimisation functions into one software, without the need to have a separate software for each function, which requires difficult file transfers and compatibility issues. It was also recognised that for clients to continue with their ongoing evaluation work, that the software needed inbuilt expertise, where it could analyse data, calculate geostatistical, cutoff grade and pit optimisation parameters and select geostatistical techniques automatically to guide you through the entire process with an easy to use point and click user environment but with the ability to override selections at any time.